On Rhodes, there is not a single legal caravan park. This is the case on many Greek islands. For years, people have camped illegally in Prasonisi. While this was not a big deal in the recent years, now it looks like things might start changing. In 2012, a fence was built, which prevents driving on large parts of the sand area, and hence limits the parking area for mobile homes. Since 2014, there are police operations.

From May to August 2016, the police appeared multiple times (once a week or even more often). All camping vehicles (motor homes, caravans, vans, etc.) where fined 300,- EUR each. Not being present at the vehicle didn't help. Parking the vehicle not at the beach but somewhere nearby didn't prevent the fine in every case. By paying within 10 days, one can decrease the fine to 150,- EUR. It has to be paid cash at the post office, e.g. in Gennadi. The opening hours there are 9:00 to 14:00 Monday to Friday. The payment will take a lot of time. Be there well before the closing time.

In July 2016, senior authorities from Rhodes-Town visited Prasonisi and discussed the problem. After this, there were are less police activities. At the beginning and in the middle of August, police operations took place again.

One reason (but by far not the only one) for the police operations was illegal dumping of chemical toilet contents by some campers. One should definitely better pay the 3 EUR for the official disposal. This will prevent at least some of the police operations.

In July 2015 one camper was fined 300,- EUR. Another one was arrested, handcuffed and send to jail for one night. In this case, passive and possibly also active resistance against the officers was involved. In September 2015, all campers/vans at the beach where fined 300,- EUR each. By paying within 10 days, one can decrease the fine to 150,- EUR. At this time late in the season only few campers were still in Prasonisi.

The following image shows the police talking to the campers:
the police in Prasonisi
Camping on the beach with tents and caravans is probably actually prohibited under Greek law. The legal basis for this is the Law No. 2160/1993.

The Greek Motor Home Club points out, that this Law applies only to caravans, while motor homes are considered as normal cars in Greece. See (Greek only).

All campers should do their best not to pollute Prasonisi with garbage and worse! Pollution is the reason and the justification to banish the campers from Prasonisi.

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