Prasonisi - Rhodes

Rhodes is one of the best kitesurfing / windsurfing spots in Europe. Most of the surfing beaches are located in the north of the island of Rhodes. Additionally, there is one of the best spots located in the south: Prasonisi.

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Kitesurfing and Windsurfing on Rhodes

Rhodes kitesurfing and windsurfing - spots During the summer, Rhodes is one of the best kitesurfing/windsurfing spots in Europe. The probability of good winds during the peak season in July and August is unmatched. In the months of June and September, the conditions are still very good.


Rhodes is located on the eastern edge of the stormy Aegean Sea. The distance to the mainland of Turkey is only 17 km in the north. The island is 78 km long. The best way to reach Rhodes is by plane, via the Rhodes International Airport (RHO).

Wind, Waves and the Water Quality

kitesurfing on Rhodos The Meltemi, strong north-westerly winds, blow very consistently from April to October. The Meltemi season reaches its climax during the months of July and August. The wind speed then usually ranges from 4 to 6 Beaufort (11 - 27 knots). On some days, stronger winds are possible. Lower wind speeds are uncommon. In Prasonisi, the wind is accelerated by the local topography (jet effect). Therefore, the wind speed in Prasonisi is usually higher than in northern Rhodes.

The wind direction on the west coast is side-onshore. The height of the waves depends on the wind speed but also on the location. The average wave height is just below one meter. Because of the characteristics of the shore break, the riding of waves by windsurfers and kitesurfers is only possible in Prasonisi.

The water quality is very good. The water is warm and crystal clear. There are no problems with algae, jellyfish and the like.


Most of the spots are located in the north, on the west coast of the island. This means, they are close to the tourist centers in the north. You can find information on all kitesurfing / windsurfing spots on Rhodes here at our web site or at Kite And Surf Rhodes.

The entire east coast of Rhodes is not suited for kitesurfing and windsurfing. The wind cannot reach the east coast because of the mountains in the inland of Rhodes. The wind on the east coast is very weak and its direction is offshore. For this reason, the east coast is the preferred location for the large holiday resorts. The south of the island is generally less developed. There is only one spot located there: Prasonisi. In Prasonisi a flat water area and a wave spot can be found only a few hundred meters from each other.

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