Windsurfing in Prasonisi

Prasonisi is a very good spot for windsurfing. Detailed information on the wind and wave conditions in Prasonisi can be found on our area description page.

Prasonisi windsurfing open sea Prasonisi windsurfing wave spot

Prasonisi offers excellent wave, freestyle, freeride and speed conditions. On the flat water side, there are lifeboats. However, if you are not a customer of the local windsurfing centers, or have booked rescue in advance, about one hundred Euro will be charged per rescue. There are no rescue boats on the wave side.

Windsurfen beim Sonnenuntergang Prasonisi - riding until sunset - at least.

In Prasonisi, there are three windsurfing centers. You can rent equipment and book courses there. The equipment of all three stations is stored on the flat water side.

accommodations in Prasonisi