Prasonisi Beach

Prasonisi is located at the southern tip of the Greek island of Rhodes. Prasonisi Beach is a strip of sand connecting the mainland of Rhodes and a small island. Right of this beach strip, there is a wave spot. Left of it, flat water can be found. In Prasonisi, there is a purpose-built settlement with three windsurfing / kitesurfing centers, some cottages, two restaurants and two supermarkets, which are all open seasonally. The season starts in April and ends in October.

Wind and Waves

The wind statistics for Prasonisi look very good. During the months of July and August, the average daily wind speed in Prasonisi is 15 to 30 knots (4 to 7 Bft). There are only about 2 to 3 windless days per month.

In the off-season (May/June and September/October), the wind is often weaker. Windless days are more common (about 7 days per month are possible, but usually not all in the same week).

Prasonisi Wind Waves
The wind direction is onshore on the wave side and offshore on the flat water side. On the wave side, kitesurfers and windsurfers can find good conditions for wave riding. The height of the waves depends on the wind and ranges from about 0.5 to 2 meters. The average height of the waves is slightly less than one meter. The waves break in a distance of about 50 to 100 m from the beach. On the other side of the sandbar, you can find flat water and the wind direction is offshore. Near the shore, there is a shallow water area of about 10 to 30 m.


On the flat water side, the water quality is excellent. On the wave side, you can sometimes find seaweed.

The water temperatures are:
Mai: 21 degrees
June: 23 degrees
July: 25 degrees
August: 27 degrees
September 26 degrees
October 23 degrees

The air temperatures are only a few degrees above the water temperatures. This is due to the wind.

The sea bed is sandy. Wearing shoes in the water is not necessary. Sea urchins are only found close to the rocks.

Prasonisi Beach

Prasonisi dunes The beach of Prasonisi consists of fine sand. There are almost no stones. Unfortunately, sometimes there is some waste, mostly left behind by tourists.

sand bar of Prasonisi

The sand area in front of the dunes is flat and large.

sun beds and parasols

On the left edge of the beach, there is a swimming area. You can find sun beds and parasols there.

During the summer, many motor homes can be found onto certain areas of the sandbar. However, camping is not permitted there. This leads to problems with the police.

Accommodations - Rooms - Hotels

In Prasonisi, there are some guesthouses very close to the beach. The guesthouses are fully booked during the summer. You should book months in advance, so better book now than later.

Accommodations in Prasonisi

See Accommodations in Prasonisi


Prasonisi has rather few options for nightlife/party. In Prasonisi, there are two taverns. In Kattavia, 9 km away, there are several other restaurants. For a real nightlife with bars and discos, you need to go to Gennadi (28 km away) or Lindos (50 km away). The younger surfing community of Prasonisi meets every evening at the supermarket, where cool drinks are not far away. If the wind is weak enough in the evening, beach parties with music and bonfires start immediately. Occasionally, the surf centers organize parties as well.

Mobile Phone / Internet

There is good mobile phone coverage in Prasonisi. Internet via mobile phone works fine and is fast. Wi-Fi is offered free of charge by some of the local businesses, but only to their customers.


Now there an ATM in Prasonisi.
There is a little bit but not a lot of crime in Prasonisi. Money disappears from tents, harnesses and camping furniture outdoors are stolen, among other things. More serious crimes like stolen sails or broken cars are rare events. Such things usually happen only once in a few years.

Prasonisi - pros and cons

- strong and reliable wind
- wave and flat water spot only a few hundred meters from each other
- well equipped with surf / kite centers

- in the high season crowded, at least in the afternoon
- too few accommodations available on site

accommodations / hotels in Prasonisi

kitesurfing in Prasonisi

windsurfing in Prasonisi

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