Prasonisi - Accommodations / Hotels

To find the best accommodation for your holidays in Prasonisi, you should think about some things first. There are a couple of possibilities for the location of your guesthouse / apartement / hotel :

Guesthouses in Prasonisi

In Prasonisi, there are some guesthouses. Prices range from about 70 € to 110 € per night for a double room. The advantage of this location is the short distance to the surfing spot. The disadvantages are the high prices for the rooms and the fact that in Prasonisi there is little or no evening entertainment.

All accommodations in Prasonisi are guesthouses. They are located about 300 m from Prasonisi Beach. The guesthouses are fully booked during the summer. You should book months in advance.

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Guesthouses in Kattavia

Kattavia is the village that is closest to Prasonisi. It is located 9 km from Prasonisi. In the village, there are some nice taverns. Kattavia is not by the sea. It is located some km inland.

Kattavia Some of the services you can find in Kattavia.

kiosk and tavern in Kattavia A kiosk for your drinks and a tavern.

tavern Another tavern. There are even more.

church of kattavia The church of kattavia.

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Guesthouses/Apartements/Villas in Gennadi

If you like the wind conditions in Prasonisi but you are also looking for some entertainment, the town of Gennadi is probably the right choice for you. As the accommodations there are cheaper, you can save money and rent a small car from it.

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Rhodes map Gennadi Gennadi is a friendly, small Greek town. It is located 28 km from Prasonisi.

street in Gennadi - Rhodes In Gennadi, there are no big hotels, but several smaller accommodations. Some of them are quite inexpensive.

In Gennadi, you can find everything locals and tourists need. There are many taverns (some on the beach), supermarkets, car/bicycle rentals, doctors, a branch of the Greek Post and more. Gennadi is a genuine Greek town.

Gennadi Beach - Rhodes Gennadi is by the sea. The beach is long and not crowded. There are three beach taverns. The beach is sheltered from wind. You can enjoy days on the beach. This might be difficult in Prasonisi due to strong wind.

live music Gennadi The main advantage of Gennadi is evening entertainment.

South Coast Bar Gennadi In Gennadi, you find a wide choice of taverns, bars and cafes.

Antika Bar Gennadi The bars are usually small and they are run by local people. You can find even more and bigger bars, taverns and clubs in Lindos and Kiotari some kilometers to the north (direction Rhodes - town).

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Accommodations in the small villages in the Area

In the surroundings of Prasonisi, there are some small villages. But all of them have some disadvantages: they are not very close to Prasonisi, some are not by the sea and there is little or no entertainment in the villages.

Accommodations / Hotels in Lachania

Rhodes map Lachania

Lachania is a small village about 22 km from Prasonisi. Lachania is not a 'seaside' village, it is about 2 km from the sea. However, there are accommodations, which are conducted under Lachania, but in reality they are outside of Lachania and close to the beach. You should check the exact location of your accommodation before booking it.

A very good, high quality hotel there is the "Atrium Prestige Thalasso Spa Resort *****". It is, however, rather expensive.

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Accommodations / Hotels in Plimmiri

map Plimmiri

Plimmiri is a small former fishing village. It is located 18 km from Prasonisi. Plimmiri has a long beach with excellent water quality.

In Plimmiri, there are some (few) villas, that can be rented.

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Accommodations / Hotels in Kiotari

Rhodes map Kiotari

Kiotari is located 32 km from Prasonisi. Kiotari is a tourist village by the sea. There are several large high quality hotels, and a variety of smaller accommodations. You can find everything tourists need, such as taverns, supermarkets, car/bicycle rentals, sun beds on the beach, etc. Kiotari is also a good place for holidays with your family.

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Accommodations / Guesthouses in Apolakkia

Rhodes map Apolakkia

Apolakkia is a small Greek town located 24 km from Prasonisi. Apolakkia is not by the sea. It is located a few kilometers inland in an agricultural environment. The town is nice, still quite traditional Greek and has only a few accommodations. In the center of Apolakkia, you can find a beautiful village square with several taverns.

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