Mobile Phones / Internet on Rhodes

Mobile phones from the EU work without any problems. The network coverage on Rhodes is very good. You can find high-speed data networks (HSPA / UMTS) in many places. The prices for phone connections / SMS within the EU are limited. Caution: Rhodes Town is located just some kilometers from Turkey. Check if your mobile phone uses a Greek network, not a Turkish one. The price limits do not apply to areas outside the EU, such as Turkey!

You have the following options for Internet access:

Your mobile with your SIM card from home
For data transmissions, there is also a price limit by the EU. Check the prices of your mobile contract. The EU price limits are still high, such as 50 ct for one web page of a typical news portal.

Some restaurants provide free Wi-Fi. Usually, you have to ask for the password.

Greek prepaid SIM card
Since 2010, prepaid internet SIM cards are offered in Greece. They can be used in mobile phones or surf sticks for notebooks. Experience has shown that good and reliable services are offered by Cosmote, the largest Greek phone company. Mobile stores can be found in larger towns on Rhodes. Buy a Greek prepaid SIM card and the appropriate data package. You will get Internet access for the desired period of time (e.g. 15 days). Also, the maximum amount of data is limited. You will get about 2 GB for 10 EUR. The safest way is to take your mobile / notebook to the mobile shop for setup. Sometimes the installation instructions are available in Greek only. For the purchase of SIM cards, it is necessary to bring your passport / identity card. The offers of Cosmote can be found on this website.

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