Flights to Rhodes

Taxiway Rhodes Airport The best way to get to Rhodes is by plane. This is the cheapest and fastest way. On Rhodes, there is a modern Airport, the Rhodes International Airport 'Diagoras' (RHO). There are some other ways to get to Rhodes, such as cheaper flights to Athens or to the islands of Kos, Karpathos or Crete, followed by a ferry passage to Rhodes. This will take pretty long and it is more expensive, in most cases. You should do this only if you enjoy this kind of travelling. If you just want to get to Rhodes, go by plane directly to Rhodes International Airport.

Map of northern Rhodes - airport The airport is located in the north of the island, near Rhodes town (14 km). It is also close to the windsurfing / kitesurfing spots of the northern west coast. The distance to Prasonisi in the south is about 100 km.

There are flights to Rhodes operated by low cost airlines.

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