Kitesurfing in Prasonisi

Prasonisi is a very good spot for kitesurfing. Detailed information on the wind and wave conditions in Prasonisi can be found on our area description page.

Prasonisi kitesurfing open sea Prasonisi flat water kitesurfing

Prasonisi offers very good conditions for wave and freeride. Kitesurfing has been forbidden on the flat water side, but is permitted on the wave side. The port police enforces the rule. They use a boat and 'catch' kitesurfers on the water. Tickets are issued.
There are no lifeboats on the wave side (onshore wind, so no real need for a boat).

Kite Sizes

For Prasonisi, the following kite sizes are recommended (rider weight 75 kg, 130x40 twin tip board, Delta/Bow kite):

July and August
(1) 9 m
(2) 7 m
(3) 12 m
(4) 15 m
(5) 5 m

(1) 9 m
(2) 12 m
(3) 7 m
(4) 15 m

(In order of importance, the first three will bring you on the water on 80 to 90 percent of the days.)

May, June and October
In these months, days with weaker wind are more common, but there are also strong winds on other days. The kite sizes for September are a good choice.

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